Being His Mom Will Always Be Worth It

Today, I'm worn out. I'm broken down and exhausted. I'm emptied of every ounce of patience and upbeat energy. My eyes don't have any tears left to empty. I've tried every strategy in my toolbelt and it all seems to come up short lately. I've been calm and accommodating. I've lost my cool and yelled. … Continue reading Being His Mom Will Always Be Worth It

Yesterday, I Found Out My Kid Has ADHD

So, even though I have many fears that I’ve listed above and so many more, I also have so much hope for his future. I am so grateful for all of the resources available to us to help him succeed in anything he puts his mind to doing. Life may be easier as a horse that can blend in with the herd, but I will forever love my little unicorn and be there to cheer him on as he goes out to share his unique greatness with the world.