To the New Pandemic Homeschool Moms

To say that the coming school year is going to be stressful would be the world’s biggest understatement. I’ve been watching so many friends go through the stress of trying to decide what the best choice is for their kids…and no decision feels like it’s 100% right. I have some friends sending their kids into … Continue reading To the New Pandemic Homeschool Moms

Sometimes, Courage Whispers

I snapped a photo to capture the calm strength that inspired me to write this. He was not yelling and cheering to the world about how great this ride was or how brave he felt for conquering his fear. There were no people cheering him on loudly. In fact, I doubt if anyone else even realized the mountains he was moving within his own little world in that moment. But there he sat, with a soft grin on his face, his fists balled up, and his arm muscles flexed in his seat.