Super Easy Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

It's October and I am in full fall mode! That means all the baking, all the cardigans, and all the best weather! I was so excited when I saw someone mention that they replaced the pie crust in apple pie with cinnamon rolls. I am not a fan of traditional pie crust, so I knew … Continue reading Super Easy Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

What if This Were my Baby?

Maybe it’s that I’ve always lived in awe of words. Whether I’m writing them, reading them, or listening to them…words captivate and affect me like nothing else. Maybe it’s that I’ve been intentional about making 2020 a year to listen, observe, learn, and grow. But mostly, my heightened sensitivity to the way I see people speaking to one another is impacted by being a mother. I’ve started viewing the world through the lens of “this is the world I will be releasing my babies into”.