To the Mom Who Works From Home

To the mom who works from home,

I see you. Did you get that? I see you!

I see you rushing through tasks during nap time.

I see you rising before the sun, a kid on your lap, coffee in one hand, while scrolling through more articles and courses on how to run your business efficiently.

I see you hesitate when someone asks you what you do and you answer that you’re a stay a home mom and maybe, if you’re feeling brave, quietly add on that you’ve got a little hobby on the side.

I see you pouring your third cup of coffee before noon.

I see you worrying every minute of every day if your attempt to chase your dreams will cause your kids and your role as a mother to suffer…only to turn around and wonder if the dreams you are chasing will inevitably suffer and fall to the side while you’re rocking this motherhood gig.

I see you wondering if you’re ever going to find that elusive “balance” you keep reading about on blogs, facebook, and Instagram.

I see you downloading and implementing your 10th cleaning schedule, workflow schedule, meal planning schedule, daily kid activity schedule…wondering if this might be the one that will end all of your doubts and get your life put together like those perfect square images or pinterest posts.

I see you up long after the rest of the house is sleeping, dreaming your big dreams and gently nurturing that fire in your soul.

I see you posting on social media, trying to balance feeling confident about what you’re doing and worrying if you’re “bothering” people with what some days seems to be bind optimism that this could work.

I see you researching, writing, creating, posting, dreaming, laughing, crying, falling asleep with grand ideas in that beautiful mind of yours and fighting to silence the voices in your mind when daylight comes that are telling you that this is just silly nonsense.

I see you fighting to hide the heartbreak when someone just doesn’t “get” your dream or rejects something that you’ve poured your heart into. Because they aren’t just rejecting some big company that you work for when you are building your own empire. To you, that rejection feels like they are rejecting a small part of you.

But let me tell you something, girl! I’ve said it already so many times, but you need to hear this until it sinks in. I. See. YOU. And I am not the only one.

Others are watching. They’re seeing not only how you are working to build this dream, but also how you are handling the inevitable obstacles and rejections. Their harsh words may be from a place of bitterness that they’ve never found the courage to jump into the unknown to chase after their own big, scary dreams.

Your kids are watching you. They’re watching you show them that their dreams and their talents…they matter. They have value. They are worth fighting for! They are learning that nothing worth having comes easily, and that hard work and passion are still something to be valued. Your kids do not have an Instagram account, or a pinterest account, or a facebook account. They don’t know anything about the false illusions of perfection and balance that you keep comparing yourself to. They only know you. And they know that their mama is kicking butt and taking names and refusing to let her voice, her dreams, her passions, her fire to be diminished. And if they are old enough to have those social media accounts, they are getting to see the real behind the scenes of what it takes to build these businesses. They are seeing the whole picture, and not just the perfectly staged and edited squares. They are seeing, in you, the truth behind the perfectly curated world of social media.

God gave you these dreams, these passions, and these talents. God created you to bring this gorgeous piece of yourself into the world and share it! And He sees you! He sees everything that I see in you and then SO much MORE! You were made for these dreams, and the only person who will truly stand in your path and block you from reaching out and making them happen is yourself!

So, go pour that fourth cup of coffee if you need to. Gather all those amazing dreams you’ve been sheltering from the world of what-ifs. Make them heard. Make them seen. Make them happen!

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